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        Truck equipment is one of our main specialties and A.R.E. makes some of the best on the market today. We offer some of the finest truck equipment  to be found anywhere. If you are in need of this kind of accessory for your truck, please give us a call, we'll be happy to help you with any of your truck accessory or equipment needs.


     Truck caps for instance, also called truck toppers and camper shells, are very strong, and a real blessing when it comes to protecting the bed of your truck and more importantly the contents of that bed.  











     Some are the same height as the cab and others can be somewhat taller depending on the application.  Many can accommodate a roof rack, making the cargo-carrying capacity even greater.


    Tonneau covers (whether you call them Tonneaus, lids or cargo covers) keep the characteristic profile of your pickup intact, covering and securing the truck bed at the top. 


    Many contractors, service technicians, and others working in rough environments prefer an aluminum cap because they can stand up to more abuse than a fiberglass cap or topper.


    Fiberglass camper shells are usually painted using formulas that match those originally used by the truck manufacturer, and preferred by most customers.


     Some of our Covers are made of plastic also. If you need help deciding which way to go, please check out our info-graphic for some help with this decision.


     Secure storage is no small concern. A Topper, Truck Cap or a Tonneau cover can give you a great deal of peace of mind due to the added security making your truck bed a huge lockable "trunk," enhancing the appearance of the vehicle, and improving gas mileage by reducing aerodynamic drag. 



      A.R.E. is an industry leader in providing the
very best in quality pickup toppers!


      No matter what your needs, when it comes to pickup covers, we've got your back. Or as some might say, 'We've got you covered'! With A.R.E. that is.  If anybody makes the topper you want, it's A.R.E., and we have'm. (See the movies at right and below.)


     You can build your own topper right here: Simply click this link to access the online tool:


          A.R.E. Cap Availability - On-Line Quote


     When you're done, you can keep looking around in the online store or come on in and see us here at our 369 E. Anderson location in Idaho Falls. Either way, we look forward to helping you with your topper needs.


See it for yourself on your truck.


          Your Truck With An A.R.E. Truck Cap


     Or, if you are looking for an industrial grade topper, we've got you covered there as well. You can build one to suit your needs by just clicking on the  Build a DCU Cap - On-Line Quote link and it will take you to the DCU Build A Cap tool.


                     And what about 'Fuel Savings'?


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And remember, this is just a small sampling of what we have to offer!

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