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Titan XT™ Paint Protection Film

DuraShield Titan XT™ paint protection film is always on guard, protecting vehicles from stone chips, bug acids, and other hazards.  Any of these things will damage many painted, chrome and acrylic vehicle surfaces.

Uncompromised Performance

Titan XT's Uncompromised Performance brings together the finest paint protection film qualities without weakening their performance. Titan XT™ benefits include:

Excellence in paint protection film starts with Titan XT™...the only paint protection film with Uncompromised Performance.

(See 10yr Warranty program below)




Titan XT™ Warranty

DuraShield Titan XT™ is designed and constructed to remain optically clear, and will not experience discoloration, adhesive delamination, cracking, or other similar failure due to manufacturer’s defect. Sharpline warrants Titan XT™ to perform under normal conditions according to product specifications for a 10-year period when installed by a Titan XT™ qualified installer. 

(For more information on our "Nationwide Warranty", please contact us.)