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Window Tinting


     Auto Trim Design of Idaho Falls uses only the finest in premium lines of window tinting films. These window films are optically clear and distortion free. Having tinted windows, you'll be more comfortable and it will reduce glare as well as reducing your energy costs. Also, because it reduces damaging UV rays by 99%, and the sun's heat, it will reduce fading and damage caused by these two factors.


Here are seven good reasons to Tint your glass ...




     There are many different types of window tinting films on the market to choose from. For a listing of all the various films that are available, please see our 'Window Films' page for all the details.


     Here is a case study on the real value of tinted windows in a commercial setting. Many of the advantages seen in this large hotel can be had in a residential environment as well.





     Whether it's in your car windows, your home windows, or a commercial application, your interior will stay looking new longer. The dyes and metals used in our window films also add a level of privacy as well as improving the exterior appearance of your vehicle. And in addition, our tint is available in a range of shades.


     Perhaps most importantly, these window films offer a degree of security and safety because they can hold shattered glass together keeping it from flying off in all directions in the event of an accident.


     In addition to all of that, these films also come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.